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We do all of our work with City/County Building permit

Why Permit ?

Your city's building department main goal is to make sure home owners and contractors comply with its building codes and safety regulations.

Obtaining a permit documents any change or alteration done to your home and acquire value to your remodel.

Building permits require the home owner or contractor to provide all insurances/bonding documents protecting the home owner

Some project do not require a city building permit such as exterior/ interior paint, Fences below 6' and retaining walls below 4' (above and below ground combined). Always (!) Check with your local building department for any project, even for the ones listed here, since some cities operate different than others.


Project which do not require a permit, will however require the contractor to be licensed, insured and bonded and all project related documents should be according to the Contractor's State License Board.

You can verify by visiting their website at WWW.CSLB.CA.GOV

When is it required

When hiring a General contractor for a project over $500 (Anything less considers as a handyman's project)

When a complete or partial remodel is planned involving electrical, plumbing, mechanical, Siding, roofing, dry-wall, structural and/or floor plan change (removing or adding walls, doors and windows).

All these changes must be inspected by a city inspector and sometime documented over a plan.

Planning an addition, room conversion, foundational repairs/bracing - all require a thourough structural plan made by an architect and a structural engineer. The plan will be reviewed by the the city's plan checker or engineer for approval.



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