We do all of our work with City/County Building permit

Why Permit ?

The city's building departments main goal is to make sure home owners and contractors comply with its building codes and safety regulations.

Obtaining a permit documents any change or alteration done to your home and acquire value to your remodel.

Building permits require the home owner or contractor to provide all insurances/bonding documents protecting the home owner

When is it required

When hiring a General contractor for a project over $500 (Anything less considers as a handyman's project)

When a complete or partial remodel is planned involving electrical, plumbing, mechanical, Siding, roofing, dry-wall, structural and/or floor plan change (removing or adding walls, doors and windows).

All these changes must be inspected by a city inspector and sometime documented over a plan.

Planning an addition, room conversion, foundational repairs/bracing - all require a thourough structural plan made by an architect and a structural engineer. The plan will be reviewed by the the city's plan checker or engineer for approval.



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